In order to set a static IP address for your Bambo Chassis Management Controller (CMC) you will require a USB to Micro USB cable and physical access to the front panel of the B1000N Chassis

1. Console Connection

Connect a micro-USB cable (not provided) to the IOIO port on the front of the Bamboo B1000N chassis. Connect to a standard USB port on a laptop or server.  

Use your preferred serial console application to connect with settings 


        Baud rate: 115200

        Data bits - 8

        Parity - None

        Flow Control - None

Once connected authenticate with the default factory credentials of - 

Username: bambooadmin
Password: bamboo


Microsoft Windows / Putty - 

Linux / Minicom - 


2. Set Static IP Address

Once connected and authenticated to the B1000N CMC console run the bac command to set your static IP address

$ bac setniccfg -s <IP Address> <Subnet Mask> <Gateway>

example - 


3. Enable SSH

You may also wish to enable SSH to the Bamboo B1000N CMC to facilitate static IP configuration of the individual Bamboo compute nodes. This is also controlled through the bac command

$ bac enable ssh port <specify port number>

example -