Your Bamboo Systems B1000N comes preconfigured with an internal 1Gbe management network to allow easy access, configuration and monitoring of all components. IP addresses are, by default, on an internal 169.254.68.x range with each components IP detailed below. If you would like to change this internal network range this can be reconfigured in the B1000N Chassis Management Controller Web UI under the "Settings" --> "Chassis Configuration" section 

Factory Default Management IP Address Schema

Computer Node/Servers

Blade1_Server1 -

Blade1_Server2 -

Blade1_Server3 -

Blade1_Server4 -

Blade2_Server1 -

Blade2_Server2 -

Blade2_Server3 -

Blade2_Server4 -

Internal Switch/s

Blade1_Switch -

Blade2_Switch -